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D.A.G Limited Editions

If the number of prints is specified, this is the maximum number of copies in which the motif appears in the given format. All prints are hand-signed by the artists. The principle: the owner of a photograph in a limited edition of, for example, 30 copies shares the rights to the artwork with just 29 other people worldwide. In doing this, the purchase is made affordable for everyone while maintaining a level of exclusivity.

If the number of prints is not mentioned, the edition is neither limited nor signed – and therefore especially affordable.

D.A.G Editions With Clear Limits

D.A.G guarantees to keep the edition within the stated number of prints. Besides the one or two defined edition sizes offered D.A.G reserves the right to offer a few prints – usually in considerably larger formats – to galleries. This is of course is essential for exposure of the works.

There are 2 to 10 so-called artist proofs in addition to the numbered edition prints. These proofs are made available to the artist for the purpose of quality control. Under special circumstances, marked as artist proofs, they will be sold by D.A.G at increased prices once the edition has sold out.


Pricing is determined by the size and the number of prints in the edition, the material used for printing and mounting. D.A.G reserves the right on occasion to markup prices on nearly sold editions. When there are exceptions to this technique, it is mentioned in the edition details. Pricing is inclusive 6% B.T.W for limited, signed series under 30 and 19% for series not falling within 30 signed prints. Prices do not include shipping.

Paper Size, Image Size

The measurements of the photographic paper are given. If, in addition, a (smaller) image size is given, this means the artist has chosen a white boarder of the given additional width.

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